Peepers is now two years old. He and his brothers and sister came to the ranch when they were 6 weeks old. They had been born outside and were not in the best of health. They had to stay quarantined for almost three months. But, they are very healthy now. As you will see from the picture, Peepers is a very relaxed kitty. He will let you hold him any old way you want. He is just like a wet noodle. He likes to ride on your shoulders and you can drape him around your neck as well. Peepers is an alpha-cat. He does not need to be in a home with other cats. He does love his humans though and he is very well behaved.

Peepers has some issues with gingivitis. We add powdered L-Lysine to his dry food and it keeps any problems at bay. He does not shed much and loves to be brushed. He will come running to you when you call his name and is always very happy to see his people. Make Peepers your one and only and he will make you his.