Misty was brought to the ranch from the UT Daycare Center. She had been chased away from a construction site and had carried her four kittens over to the daycare center and was living under a metal building storage unit. Her kittens all found loving homes and now its Misty’s turn. We have never seen her claw at anything. We checked just to make sure she had claws. She is very well mannered and gets along with all of the other cats that come in and out of the house. We have tried taking her out to the corral for some tree climbing and exercising but it stresses her out too much. She is very content staying in the house and lounging. Misty does not like to be held, but she will let you stroke her and rub her belly and always rubs your ankles when she walks by. She is a most loving creature. We haven’t heard her talk much. She is very quiet and a wee bit shy. Misty comes running when you call her name, and she knows the words “who wants a snack?”. You can see by the pictures that she is very beautiful. Misty deserves to have a family to call her own.