Little Lockhart & Gorgeous George

We have had a lot of kittens walk through these doors, but we have never had two kittens (that aren’t even litter mates) become so enamored of each other. Just sit back and watch the show. They absolutely love each other.

Lockhart , the swirl tabby,is very outgoing and talkative. He will let you carry him forever. I think he would stop walking entirely if someone would carry him everywhere. He is a snuggler. Little Lockhart was sitting on the side of Hiway 183 near Lockhart during a scorching 105 degree afternoon. We are guessing that he went out for a walk and became so hot that he could not walk anymore. He was panting very hard and we had to cool him down with bottled water. He did not mind at all.

Gorgeous George, the beautiful long hair orange and white boy has just as great a personality, only he is much more refined in his actions. That is until he and Lockhart start playing. It is the best entertainment you can find. Both of these kids know their names.
Gorgeous was abandoned at the end of the UT school year in the summer of 2006. He was wandering the streets looking for food. Gorgeous likes to sleep under the covers and loves to be brushed. It will be very hard to see these two kids leave the ranch. But, we know that somewhere out there is someone or a family wanting to share the good life with two very deserving kittys.