This beautiful girl knows her name. Her name is Fluffy. Fluffy was rescued from a burned out home. Fluffy is a long haired dilute calico. She was thin, dirty and did not have a clean, warm or even a dry place to sit. Since her arrival at The Ranch she has gained weight and is healthy and happy. Fluffy is shy and quiet and has the cutest little squeaky voice. She is very loyal to the human that is caring for her and will make someone a very happy lap cat. Fluffy does not bother other cats, but we think she would prefer being in a one cat household. She likes humans more than she likes other cats. Please come out to The Ranch and see how beautiful she is in person (or is that in cat?). Fluffy is in her bed each morning waiting for her breakfast to be served to her. She sits up and stretches and starts to nibble. It is the cutest thing you have ever seen.