Big Head Tom

This is Big Head Tom. Big Head Tom came to us in bad shape. He was found at a burned out house. He had been in a fight and was hurt. He was at least two years old and had not been neutered, hence his “Big Head”. He has been neutered now and has tested negative for feline leukemia and HIV. He is now about four years old. Big Head is diabetic. At this time he is in remission. But the vet assures us that he will once again, at some point in his lifetime, require insulin twice daily. We believe that if he were in a situation where the type of food he is offered is controlled (he should be eating Science Diet for diabetics) he might be freed of his need for insulin for an extended period. Big Head is in otherwise great health. At The Ranch he is eating the same food that all of the cats are eating. Big Head is a very sweet, gentle and beautiful cat. He does not require a lot of attention but enjoys attention when it is offered. Big Head is definitely a couch potato. He is very laid back, except when he is chasing his tail. We have come to love him very much but we know that he would enjoy being someone’s one and only. Please call us if you would like to meet Big Head and if you have any questions regarding his special needs.